Frequently Asked Questions

Do you come to us?

Ecotize is a mobile service that comes to your premise.  While we predominately work in Auckland only, other areas can be serviced for programmed projects

Can it help customers with allergies?

While a healthy environment will never heal a persons allergies, international studies show that the processes Ecotize uses can significantly reduce exposure to the dust mite allergies and thus reduce the symptoms they cause.

How long does it take to clean a room?

Because every situation is different, it’s best that you contact Ecotize to request a full proposal and maybe even a free demonstration.  Where Ecotize really shines is how little downtime there is once the service is complete.  Contact us now for further info.

What’s so wrong with chemicals?

Despite the environmental impacts from the production use and waste of most cleaning chemicals, one of the most damaging effects they can have is the sticky residue that is left behind.   Very rarely are cleaning chemicals rinsed or removed using just water once they have been used.  When cleaners dry, they have a stickiness that attracts more dirt particle.  This is why when you use traditional methods of carpet cleaning they look good to start with but quickly deteriorate to the same level or worse very quickly.  Just try putting soap on your finger and let it dry rather than rinsing it off.  No doubt that finger will be dirty in no time.

Will the process remove Odours?

The high temperatures used in the Ecotize process produces great results with eliminating odours cause by bacteria, mould and built up dust.  The only smells that can't be removed are chemical smells like pesticides or fumigation treatments. Another good reason to avoid chemicals!

Why is it called ‘Ecotize’?

Ecotize gets its name from its chemical-free ‘Ecological’ benefits along with it’s ability to ‘Sanitize’ whilst cleaning a surface.

How long does it take to dry?

In most cases the standard dry time is within 30 minutes of that area being cleaned.  However where extra attention is required, dry time may be lengthened.

What does it cost?

Every project is unique and so we like to price them that way.   We recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements.  For residential services, most of our pricing can be found on our CleanBed website –
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