Leaders in Chemical-free cleaning of carpets, mattresses, tiles, lino, safety flooring and furniture

Ecotize is a cleaning company that dares to be different.  Having scoured the globe to find new technologies that answer century old problems with standard cleaning practises.

For years cleaning has relied upon various chemical solutions to get the desired results.  While some chemicals are better for the environment than others, all leave a sticky residue that attracts further dirt and only requires more cleaning.  While this may be great for the chemical suppliers and those who charge to apply them, it's not so great for the client.

Apart from environmental concerns, Ecotize consider this to be the # 1 problem with current industry standard practises, and in response, have committed themselves to challenging the status quo.

Ecotize's services cover project based work such as carpets and other flooring surfaces, furniture, curtains and mattresses.  Ecotize also sell a range of products that allow you to do your daily cleaning task without the use of chemicals.

As Ecotize has forged the way in chemical-free cleaning, they have not only resolved the issue of sticky residues, but are able to clean AND sanitise without leaving the area wet and smelly resulting in costly downtime for your business.

"I was impressed that there was very little "downtime" after having the beds cleaned - I expected that I would have to wait for the beds to dry out but Tim explained that the process involves mainly very high heat rather than a lot of wet steam. I also can't believe the difference it made to the feel of the bedrooms - they all felt fresh and clean. I really appreciated that he suggested we get the couch cleaned - I hadn't even considered it but it definitely needed doing. It was a lovely feeling last night going to sleep in a clean bed. I look forward to getting our carpets done! Many thanks! "

L Neutze

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