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Carpet Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation

Extend the life of your carpet & keep your business running.

The Chemical DILEMMA

Most carpet cleaning methods use a lot of water to carry the chemicals to the source of the problem, then even more water to try rinse them back out. This leaves the customer with wet and foul-smelling carpets, which makes for an unpleasant environment.  While cleaning chemicals can break down dirt and grime, the dilemma is always in how to get them to the right spot, and how to remove them afterwards.

Inevitably there is always cleaner left behind, creating a sticky residue that attracts even more dirt. Some carpet machines claim to be using steam, however it is usually just hot water by the time it reaches the floor of your premise.

These levels of moisture simply create an even better environment for bacteria and mould to grow in.  This, combined with the extra dirt being attracted by the cleaner residue means the carpets are just as dirty, if  not worse, within a few weeks of the clean.(sometimes worse) within a few weeks of the clean.

The Super-hot Dry Steam SOLUTION

The Ecotize system revolutionises the way carpets are cleaned and gives results that keep them looking fresh, long after they have been cleaned. Best of all the process uses minimal moisture so the carpets don’t smell and there are no sticky residues left behind. You can walk on the carpets straight away, and there is no need for the carpets to be aired overnight.

These results are achieved by firstly ensuring comprehensive dry extraction, then combining super-hot steam with a thorough brushing action, instead of traditional flushing methods.  This means the carpets are left much drier and the pile is pulled upright again, extending the life of the thread.  Regular vacuuming simply skims the surface, but the Ecotize system cleans and sanitises deep down where the problems lie.  Not only are the carpets left looking cleaner, but they are sanitised as well.  The high heat of the steam, produced directly above the carpet, kills living organisms that dwell within.  

Once you’ve seen this for yourself, you’ll wonder why the old wet methods were ever used in the first place. 

Furniture & Curtains

Because of Ecotize’s unique Steam vapour equipment your furniture and curtains can be carefully detailed and cleaned without leaving them all wet.  Our process is chemical free and actually makes them healthier by killing dust mites, bacteria and mould at the same time. The curtains do not need to be taken down, saving hours of time and potential damage while removing and replacing them to be washed or dry-cleaned.

Our system is also a highly effective solution for sanitising soft furnishing in circumstances of isolation and infection control scenarios.  Often sanitising hard surfaces is simply done by your existing staff but soft furnishings are a little more tricky and yet often contain the highest levels of contaminants.

Tiles & Grout

Tile Manufacturers and Retailers field many calls from customers wanting to know why the surface of their tiles have gone dull no matter how much they try and clean them.  Their answer is simple…Stop using chemicals!  Unfortunately even specific cleaners designated for use on tiles by your chemical supplier leave an unwanted residue.  This builds up over time and the more you clean the duller the tile surface becomes.  In addition, these sticky residues are absorbed in the grout lines attracting grime into these hard to deal with grooves.   White or grey grout quickly becomes black.  Ecotize can restore your tiles and grout without the use of chemicals.

Industry standard methods of tile cleaning typically use horizontal movements of pads in conjunction with various chemicals that fail to get into the pits and groves where the real trouble lies.

Ecotize use a unique system that utilises the power of steam vapour combined with vertically spinning brushes that get into grooves and grout line.  Ecotize can also help you create a manageable regular cleaning system that doesn't require chemical cleaners or leave any chemical residue.

Bed Bug Elimination

Imagine if all you were left with was a fresh, sanitised room. Ecotize will get your room back into service faster than anyone else in the industry, with no harmful odours lingering around.

The Threat:

In recent years bed bugs have become a world-wide epidemic, highlighted in cities like New York and Melbourne. Recent feedback shows bed bugs are also on the rise in New Zealand. Accommodation businesses are exposed to the highest risk of outbreaks, and simply cannot aford the damaged reputation and costly downtime that comes with infections.

Hotels and motels, especially when at full capacity, cannot aford the downtime that comes with traditional chemical-based pest control

methods. These practises often require a vacated room after treatment and further follow-up treatments as they don’t kill the eggs.

The Solution:

CleanBed Chemical-free Bed Sanitization by Ecotize. CleanBed use the internationally approved method of super-hot dry steam to instantly kill bed bugs at all stages, including eggs.This method is endorsed as an eeffective treatment to eliminate bed bugs by: NSW Health, US Navy, Cornell University Hotel School, University of Florida, University of Nebraska and others.

The CleanBed process is thorough, methodical, and is carried out by professional technicians who will always conduct their work in

a discreet, respectful manner. Not only are the bed bugs eradicated but the room is sanitized and fresh.

Lino & Safety Flooring

Lino and Safety flooring are often used in places where there is high traffic and hard wearing use.  Because of this they often have a tough life and regular mopping only makes it worse.  Like carpets and tiles, Lino and safety flooring is disadvantaged by regular cleaning with chemical cleaners as they leave a residue that builds up over time.  This tacky residue dulls the surface and attracts dirt to the pits and grooves.  Eventually major resurfacing is required to restore the floor to a presentable state.

Ecotize utilises the power of steam vapour combined with vertically spinning brushes that removes the build-up of chemical residues and gets into pits and grooves.  Once all the grime is removed, resurfacing can proceed where required.   Ecotize can also help you create a regular cleaning system that doesn’t require chemical cleaners or leave any further chemical residue.

Boat Grooming

Steam Powered - Deep Cleaning for Boats

Marine environments can be particularly troublesome with high rates of mould growth due to high moisture levels and lack of air circulation.

The Ecotize System kills mould and eliminates odours, leaving your boat fresh and healthy.

The Boating DILEMMA
If you're like most boaties, the excitment of summer's approach is often dampened by the state of the boat after being closed up for the winter.
Unfortunately our boats are the perfect environment for nasty organisms like mould, bacteria, dust, allergens and viruses to thrive it.  The moist environment that is often unattended for long periods of time means that things like this can take hold and be extremely difficult to remove.
The problem is you bought the boat to enjoy, not so you could extend your to-do list.
Most interior grooming services are little more that a general dust, polich and a quick vacuum.  Chlorine based cleaners are thrown at mould only discolouring the growth, not killing or removing it.
Rarely do groomers deep clean to truly improve the health of the environment.

The High-temperature Dry Steam SOLUTION
Ecotize takes away the hassle and gives you a professional result that doesn't just look clean but is actually healthier to be in.  Trained technicians use high powered steam machines to blast away dirt and mould and kill any organisms in its track.  The results are outstanding and there's no need for harsh chemicals.
Your boat is left with a fresh new fell and ready for the family to enjoy.
Ecotize lets you spend your weekends relaxing on the boat, not cleaning it.

Protect your investment with the chemical-free solution.
"Your service was outstanding, thank you so much for your prompt and professional service "

M Chambers

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