Unique? We think so.

At Ecotize we have 3 key benefits that put us ahead of the pack.

  • Seriously Eco-Friendly

    It's a shame these days that the term 'eco-friendly' has been watered down to a trivial cliché.  In the cleaning industry it is often slapped on the side of chemicals that have slightly less impact on the environment than others on the market.  However Ecotize take it more seriously than that.  We endeavour to carry out the bulk of our tasks using NO CLEANING CHEMICALS, only water.  Utilising the latest steam vapour technologies out of Europe, Ecotize generate amazing results without relying on chemicals. Not just "eco-chemicals" - NO Chemicals.
  • Safer & Healthier Solution

    Not only do our chemical-free methods make it safer by removing chemical cleaners but our process actually sanitises at the same time as cleaning.   With temperatures in excess of 130degC Bacteria and viruses are killed instantly, not after 10 minutes of exposure like bleach based disinfectants.   Ecotize truly makes the space safer and healthier for you and your customers.  Turn your maintenance expenses into marketing opportunities that put you ahead of your competition.
  • Non-Disruptive

    Ecotize deliver excellent results without disrupting your business's operations and income stream.  Not relying on big noisy machinery to flush large volumes of water and shampoos through your carpets and furnishings, our service is carried out with minimal moisture and quiet equipment.  Carpets can be walked on during the service and most other areas are completely dry within an hour.  Just as important, is the absence of odour after the service.  There’s not much point in your room looking clean if it smells like a wet dog for days after the service.  That means no costly downtime or disruption of your staff, customers or your bottom line.
"Fantastic company, fantastic service, very professional, reliable (better than I ever imagined). Would highly recommend "

Happy Customer

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