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We spend about a third of our life on our mattress. Your mattress is one of the important household items you need to take care of.  The condition of the fabric has a great bearing on the life of the fabric and many substances that cause stains have elements in them that are corrosive to the fibres of the fabric. This is also true of many carpets.

Regular mattress and carpet cleaning can not only help reduce allergens in your bedroom and keep them clean and fresh, but also add longevity to life of them.                                          

For this reason, it is  important to clean any spills as soon as possible, in order to prevent stains from setting in the fibre or in the longer term,  mould from growing.  If left too long, the stains will set deep inside the pile, resulting in damaging the fibres.

Ecotize's sanitising systems can effectively remove unwanted stains and marks from your carpets and mattresses. We are trained, certified and proficient in treating many types of stains and spills.

Our business is based on your well-being.

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Ecotize's sanitising systems can effectively remove unwanted stains and marks from your carpets and mattresses.

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  • Tea,
  • Coffee,
  • Wine,
  • Soft drinks,
  • Energy drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Inks


  • Mould
  • Vomit
  • Pet stains
  • Pet urine
  • Food Stains
  • Shoe Polish
  • Paint
  • Oils


  • Body fluids
  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Sweat

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Depending on the nature of the stain.  If the stain has been set in the fabric for a long period, then taking it out completely may be difficult.
However, we will sanitise and lighten the stain as much as we can, without damaging the fibres.

To clean the average bed can take up to 1 hours, however please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements for an estimate.

Yes we do.  The CleanBed system eliminates dust mites, bacteria, mold and other organisms that build up in children's beds and makes it fresh again.  Children's beds get a hard life so it is a very good idea to have them cleaned regularly.  

Ecotize can take the same technologies used in sterilising your bed to deep clean and sanitise the rest of your home.  If you suffer from dust allegies, it is recomended that you have your carpets, couches, and curtains sanitised regularly to reduce the dust mite population in your home.

Ecotize uses the principles of physics as opposed to creating a chemical reaction to kill bacteria.  Instant high temperatures created by the Super-hot dry steam kill any nasties.  No living organisims can survive at the temperatures where steam is created.  Our antimicrobial coatings also kill using a physical process as oppossed to a cheamical one.

When it comes to stains on mattresses there is always a compromise. Unfortunately what is required to remove visual stains (more moisture and often harsh cleaners) can cause more damage to the mattress than good. What we focus on is ensuring the mattress stays healthy and safe while lightening up the marks as much as possible. Our service will kill any mould that will be growing as a result of the excess moisture, as well as dust mites and bacteria. As a result the mark is often lightened but not removed. 

We recommend if the visual aspect is important to you that you invest in a quality mattress protector after our service so you know the bed is safe and healthy, and looks good as well.

CleanBed understands we are entering your personal space and carries out its service in a respectful manner. If your mattress is marked, don't worry, it's part of life and most mattresses are. Sometimes the dry steam removes the marks, but it always sanitises them. Our work is always carried out discreetly and privately.

Studys show that even a brand new mattress can reach high populations of dustmites and bacteria within 6 months, however customers who have their beds treated with an antimicrobial can extend their treatments to 12-18months.

If you are in the hospitality industry or have lots of different people staying in your bed, please contact us about our Regular sanitisation programme to give your guest peace of mind.

Because the steam is super-hot dry steam, the bed is usually touch dry within 15 minutes and ready to be made 30 minutes after the service.  This time frame is extended to 1 hour if an antimicrobial is applied as the coating will need time to dry.

While a healthy sleeping environment will never heal a persons allergies, international studies show that  the processes Ecotize uses will significantly reduce exposure to the dust mite allergies while in bed and thus reduce the symptoms they cause.

We do not currently have facilities for cleaning beds at our premise so it's much simpler to clean them at your home.

CleanBed operators are experienced and trust worthy people.  So long as you have arranged access to the beds, and clear identification of what you would like them to do, you are welcome to leave them to it.  The operator will leave you a report to show the effectiveness of their work.

Ecotize CleanBed is a mobile service that comes to your home to save you lugging your bed around.  Our current service area is from Albany to Papakura and Massey to Maraetai.  Areas outside this may be available at an extra cost.

We can provide a chemical free treatment, heat extract which will sanitise your mattress.

If the stain has set in for a long period of time, then it might be difficult to remove completely, however our process will draw out and lighten as much as possible.