Eco-friendly Carpet and Bed Cleaning

Ecotize promote healthier living through our effective sanitisation systems.  Your home and your family deserve the best treatment.

At Ecotize we provide a specialist  cleaning service designed to maximise results whilst being eco friendly for the most environmentally minded. We are a  results-driven commercial and residential bed and carpet cleaning service based in Auckland.

Give your family a healthy home. You no longer have to:

  • Walk on dirty carpet
  • Sleep on a dirty bed
  • Share you bed with dust mites
  • Live with bacteria & other living organisms
  • Suffer unnecessary allergies

Seriously Eco-Friendly

Non-harmful Products, Eco-friendly with Chemical free options.

Safer & Healthier Solution

Caring for your health and the environment


No Odour, Minimal Downtime, Fast & Effective

Mattress Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

When was the last time you had your bed cleaned?

Ecotize provide a healthier living solution through our steam clean and sanitisation process.
Our mattress cleaning service uses Eco-Friendly products to deep clean  your bed to get rid of these nasties. A clean bed is essential for asthma and allergy sufferers however it is also  important that everyone sleeps in a fresh healthy bed.

Ecotize uses environmentally-friendly products and high temperature steam extraction to effectively sanitise and remove stains and nasty odours.                                    

Contact us for an easy breathing, fresh sleep for you and your family.

Mattress & Bed Cleaning Mattress & Bed Cleaning