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What is living in my bed?

When was the last time you had your bed cleaned?

Did you know that most beds are full of bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, sweat, dead skin, dust mites and their allergy causing faeces? 

What stains can be removed from a mattress and carpets?

It’s important to clean any spills as soon as possible, in order to prevent stains from setting or mold from growing. Don't leave the stains for too long as they will set  deep inside the pile, resulting in damaging the fibres.

Can my mattress trigger my Allergy Symptons?

Unhealthy mattresses and carpets can be the cause of many allergies. Regular mattress cleaning will help reduce allergens in your bed and keep your mattress clean and fresh.

How do I know if my bed has Dust Mites?

Are you sleeping with the enemy?
Your bedroom is where dust mites love to hang out!
Your Bed - You sleep here and shed your skin here.  
Your skin cells are what dust mites love!!
Dust mites can cause illness and extreme allergic reactions.

How do we treat Pet Related Problems

We have all experienced pet related problems and mishaps in the home at one time or another in our lives, especially in the warmer months!!!

How can I Deoderise my carpet

Odours can creep into your environment for a multitude of reasons.
They can emanate from a number of places like carpets, curtains, walls, ceilings, etc.

Bed Bugs - Something biting you in bed?

Bed bugs are not just in beds, they can be hiding in your room, carpet, upholstered furniture, curtain, behind walls, ceilings, luggage. Bed bugs are typically active at night and hide during the daytime.